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How to get the best from an Interview

Congratulations, you have been offered an interview for the job of your dreams. Read through the tips below to make sure you make the best of the opportunity to see a new company and for them to see you.

Here we go…

Dress correctly
Dress like you are in the role already. It demonstrates you are taking the interview seriously and helps the client to see how you will fit in.  Sometimes clients ask for a more informal dress for an interview but check before going for the interview.

No smoking
No smoking before the interview – it’s bad for your health and will go against you in terms of setting the best first impression.


Learn a bit about the company as quite often interviewers first question will be what do you know about us.

Be equipped
Take a copy of your CV and exam certificates and identification. This shows you are ready and prepared. It will impress any interviewer and handy for you to refer to. We can make sure you have another one.

Be punctual
Arrive on time – that means 10 minutes before the start of the appointment. Consider the time of day and traffic. Check the journey time out one day before. Roadworks come and go and you want to arrive controlled and at your best. To assist we can send you maps and will check public transport for you, even better do a trial run there the day before so you know exactly where you’re going.

First impressions
You have arrived, so it’s firm positive handshakes and some eye contact which will make you look professional and confident.

Prepare some questions for the client. If writing them down helps, then do so. We will discuss this with you.

Interviews are a two-way process. You are there to introduce yourself to the company and they are introducing themselves to you.
Close the interview with some questions and ask for the timeframe the recruitment process is based on.

In closing
Say goodbye, thank the interviewer for their time and that you are looking forward to hearing from them.

Zoe at A Team Recruitment and tell her your feedback, remember to be completely honest!