Meet The Team


We would like to introduce you to who A Team Recruitment are, what we do, how we can help you and who it is you will be working with if you are seeking a new job or seeking a new employee. The biggest perk we feel of working with A Team Recruitment is, we can guarantee you will always be working with the same person either Zoe, Nathan, Tilly Aka Mrs. T or Kailey aka Face and more importantly the relationship you build with them will always be honest. A Team Recruitment is all about delivering a personal honest service.


I have worked within the recruitment industry for over 10 years and feel extremely fortunate to have found something I adore, after spending many years in the catering industry working way too many hours. Due to finding something I truly feel very passionate about, I felt the fear and set up my own company, which was scary but very rewarding as I am now also joined by my husband and our furry girls Mrs T and Face our dogs, Kailey and Tilly. I love that I can start my day with a long run out across the fields, often seeing the deer’s, owls and foxes, I find it a very empowering way to set me up for my day in the office. We now have that much-wanted work life balance in running our company A Team Recruitment together and where our lunch hours are slightly different as they are walking our girls in the beautiful countryside we are lucky to live in. Our passion is delivering and building relationships with people for both job hunting and companies needing staff. One of our features which we feel has assisted us with building the business is because we believe that not just in business but in life is delivering a good honest service which is something we feel very strongly about. My biggest love in recruitment is finding someone the right job and a company the right employee, I love it when a plan comes together.

Zoe Jarrold


After spending many years working in catering as a chef, with ridiculous hours and rarely seeing Zoe. I was extremely happy when Zoe set up A Team Recruitment in the hope I could also join her and we could work together again in our own business. I’m pleased to say after 2 years in the business Zoe was able to have me join her on a full-time basis and I now work as the resourcer, administrator, marketer, job poster, cv typer, email support, IT support, coffee, and lunch maker as well as general all round joker. Although it was daunting to come away from being a chef to sitting behind a desk, Zoe being the top recruiter that she is taught me well and within no time I felt like I was a true support to her and a real part of A Team Recruitment.

Tilly aka Mrs T

Tilly aka Mrs. T has a very important job in the A Team Recruitment office as she is our post lady. She is very reliable in always fetching any post that gets delivered and bringing into the office. She, of course, does not do this for free but has a clear preference for her wages, food and a big cuddle, which we have no issues in awarding!



Kailey aka Face likes to think of herself as security and she always makes us aware of any visitors or strange things happening, but she is also the team’s pretty face, always ensuring she looks good for all of her admirers. Keen to roll around, throwing various toys, showing us new tricks and generally looking very pretty although one thing she loves to do is sit in her car pretending she can drive. Like Tilly aka Mrs. T, her wages are similar in the food aspect, but Kailey aka Face’s other preference is weekly swimming, getting beauty treatments to look her best and daily big walks.


Willow is A Team Recruitment apprentice. She joined us in October and has been guided by her peers Mrs T & Face. Willow has fitted in well to our team but still has a lot to learn as she tends to like looking out the window, a lot at the birds, she likes sleeping and stealing things out the bins but we have to forgive her as she is only young, at least for now anyway. 😉

Please feel free to contact any of us to find out anything more and how we can help you.
Zoe's contact info
Email me:
Call me in the office: 01206 264070
Call my mobile: 07759515502
Nathan's contact info
Email me:
Call me in the office: 01206 264070
Tilly aka Mrs T or Kailey aka Face
You can try them on the below but we can't guarantee you'll have them answer you it will more likely be Zoe or Nathan
Call the office: 01206 264070
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